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Your Favourite Film


To celebrate Tyneside Cinema’s 80th birthday, we’re asking you to nominate your favourite film from across the last 80 years.

We’re looking for suggestions from across the decades, be it the classic 1930s Golden Age of Hollywood, the filmmaking movements of 1960s British and French New Wave or Dogme 95, the work of the Movie brats of 1970s and 80s, or your favourite contemporary movie, we want to hear what it is and why you think it deserves a top spot.

We’ll be putting the results together in a special audience choice programme over the summer bank holiday weekend, 26-28 August 2017.

Everyone who nominates a film will be entered into a special prize draw to win two tickets for one of the films screening over the weekend.

You can also nominate films at the cinema by picking up one of our nomination forms which will be available throughout the building. Feel free to submit as many forms as you like!

 Nominations close on Sunday 2 July 2017.

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Whitney: Can I Be Me (15)

  1. Roxy

    1. 11:00 (Bringing in Baby)
    2. 18:10

Free Guided Tours (U)

  1. Classic

    1. 11:00

Free Newsreel shows (U)

  1. Classic

    1. 11:15

Churchill (PG)

  1. Electra

    1. 12:25
  2. Roxy

    1. 20:30

My Life As A Courgette (PG)

  1. Roxy

    1. 13:10 (Subtitled)

My Cousin Rachel (12A)

  1. Classic

    1. 13:35
    2. 15:55
  2. Electra

    1. 18:15
    2. 20:35

Berlin Syndrome (15)

  1. Electra

    1. 14:45
  2. Gallery

    1. 17:55

The Red Turtle (PG)

  1. Roxy

    1. 14:55

National Theatre Live: Salome (15)

  1. Classic

    1. 19:00 (National Theatre)

Stockholm My Love (PG)

  1. Gallery

    1. 20:30