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Alfred Hitchcock

Of all the truly great directors, Alfred Hitchcock is the one who was loved by audiences as much as he was cherished by critics and academics. The self-styled ‘Master of Suspense’ delivered thrills, twists, and new sensations for regular moviegoers time after time, yet the substance of his films has also proved worthy of study long after the screams in the stalls died away.

His film-making career spanned six decades across silent film and the golden age of Hollywood, and his films provided the template for thousands of movies, with his influence still being felt in the thrillers and horror titles of today.

Hitchcock is a truly one of the most widely recognised greats in the filmmaking world and it seems fitting to open The Luminaires with a season of his work.

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Starts Fri 14 April

Hitchcock's romantic story of obsession, manipulation and fear. Jimmy Stewart stars as a detective with a fear of heights who becomes dangerously obsessed with the woman he is investigating. 

Fri 14 April, 15:00

In one of Hitchcock’s darkest thrillers, Ingrid Bergman plays a society daughter of a condemned traitor who is approached by US agent Cary Grant to get close to one of her father’s Nazi associates.

Tue 18 April, 18:25

The Lodger takes the Jack The Ripper legend as its inspiration and tells the story of a landlady who suspects her new lodger is the madman killing women in London.

Sat 22 April, 13:45

Join us for a special illustrated talk about Alfred Hitchcock with film writer Trevor Johnston.

Find out more about the self styled 'Master of Suspense' in this piece by film writer Trevor Johnston, written especially for Tyneside Cinema's The Luminaries programme. 

Sat 22 April, 15:05

Cary Grant stars as a hapless advertising executive who is mistaken for a government agent in Hitchcock’s very own adrenaline-fuelled action blockbuster.

Sun 23 April, 15:40

Hitchcock perfected his favourite thriller set-up – the innocent man on the run – with this adaptation of John Buchan’s classic adventure novel.

Fri 28 April, 20:45

Just when you thought you were safe to return to the Tyneside we invite you back to the Bates motel for another terrifying screening of Hitchcock’s greatest horror.

Sun 30 April, 13:00

One of Hitchcock’s most famous pictures, The Birds is a genuinely disturbing horror, with one of the director’s creepiest endings.