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Spotlight On Iran

To mark the release of The Salesman, we present a season of work showcasing some of Iran’s greatest directors in World Cinema – filmmakers who have mined true inspiration and hope through the challenging questions they ask of Iran’s politics and culture…

MON 20 MARCH, 17:55
From the late master filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami comes this Palme d'Or winning poetic interpretation of issues such as life and death, the modern and traditional, and the local and global.

WED 22 MARCH, 17:55
Adapted from her autobiographical graphic novel by co-director Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis is a touching coming-of-age story about an intelligent, outspoken girl growing up during the Iranian Revolution. 

TUE 28 MARCH, 18:10
This witty, gentle but often surprisingly cutting docu-drama tells the real-life story of two innocent girls suddenly let loose on the streets of Tehran after being kept locked indoors for twelve years.

SUN 2 APRIL, 14:30
Asghar Farhadi first Oscar winner, a morally complex, suspenseful, consistently involving drama shot with handheld intimacy, driven by great lead performances, focusing on the collapse of an Iranian marriage and the effect this has on a close-knit family.

TUE 4 APRIL, 18:10
Jafar Panahi gives the middle finger to the censors in the Iranian government who banned him from filmmaking and placed him under house arrest by stepping outside and making this sublime slice-of-life documentary.