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Moving Stories


FREE WORKSHOP: 15:45 - 16:45

Moving Stories: the voices of people who move due to climate change

This workshop explores the experiences of people who have been forced to move by the impacts of climate change. The testimonies have been collected from across the world and demonstrate the diversity of people's experiences. This workshop uses testimonies to explore how and why people move and gives people an understanding of the context of people's migration. 

This workshop is free but tickets are required. Tickets are available in person form the box office, by emailing or by calling 0191 227 5500.

Part of Gimme Shelter, a season looking into Climate Change and its impact on Migration and the Refugee Crisis. Click here to find out more.

Image Credit: Lucy Wood: Distant Neighbours 2017.

Gimme Shelter is also part of Tyneside Cinema’s 80th Anniversary celebrations, to find out more click here.

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Manhattan (12A)

  1. Roxy

    1. 11:00 (Bringing in Baby)
  2. Electra

    1. 18:45 (+ Intro)

Alien: Covenant (15)

  1. Electra

    1. 13:25
    2. 16:05
  2. Classic

    1. 17:45
    2. 20:30

Machines (12A)

  1. Roxy

    1. 13:40

Frantz (12A)

  1. Roxy

    1. 15:25
    2. 20:25

La Strada (PG)

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    1. 18:00

Mindhorn (15)

  1. Electra

    1. 20:55