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Gimme Shelter: Climate Change, Migration and the Refugee Crisis

A special programme of film, visual art, workshops and events focusing on today's most pressing issue.

It is predicted that climate change will have a big impact on human migration in the next 50 years, with millions set to be displaced by shoreline erosion, coastal flooding, intensifying drought and further agricultural disruption.

Tyneside Cinema aims to inform and spark discussion through a curated programme focusing on the urgency of action on climate change as well as its very real connection to the current refugee crisis. The programme contextualises these issues and will cultivate a better understanding of the reasons behind human displacement and will see filmmakers joined by leading experts to discuss the connection between climate change, natural disasters and migration.

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17 March - 18 May 2017
Distant Neighbours
Tyneside Cinema has commissioned Lucy Wood to make a new instalment in her ongoing project series Distant Neighbours. 

Fri 17 March, 13:00 – 15:30
& Sun 19 March, 18:20 - 20:30

Looking at climate change from the perspective of an American teenager as she travels alongside her anthropologist mother, studying its impact on indigenous communities over 5 years.

Fri 17 March,  15:30 - 16:30
This lecture looks behind those headlines to explore the complex links between climate change, drought and the start of the conflict. 

Fri 17 March, 17:45 - 19:50
Filmed over 5 years, an incredible odyssey and intimate family portrait helping us to understand why people are literally dying for change in the Arab world. 

Fri 17 March, 20:15 - 23:00
This vital documentary shows the human face of climate change, bringing to light the heart-wrenching truth of what is quickly becoming mankind's greatest challenge.

Sat 18 March, 12:00 - 12:30
This talk explores several natural disasters and the stories of the people who were displaced by them.

Sat 18 March, 12:30 - 14:30
One of the most magical and powerful films you will ever see, and an incredibly imaginative look at the impact of climate change.

Sat 18 March, 13:10 - 14:45 
A first-hand account of the perilous journey made by a group of Syrian refugees forced to leave their country and their loved ones.

Sat 18 March,  15:00 - 17:00
This workshop explores how climate change will influence patterns of migration and the places and people that will be affected. 

Sat 18 March, 17:45 - 20:30
Filmed over 211 shoot days in 9 countries and 5 continents over 4 years this epic documentary focuses on the vast challenge of climate change.

Sun 19 March, 13:00 - 15:15
An award-winning film, immersing you in the world of refugees via the journey of the first filmmakers allowed to be registered and given a tent inside a refugee camp. 

Sun 19 March, 15:40 - 18:00

A shocking film that puts the life-and-death struggle of refugees in the spotlight as two men make the dangerous journey from Africa to Italy for a better life.

Sun 19 March, 15:45 - 16:45
This workshop explores the experiences of people who have been forced to move by the impacts of climate change. 

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