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Free Guided Tours and Newsreels

Imagine a world before the internet, before TV and when newspapers barely had any pictures printed in them. Back in the 1930s a phenomenon swept the UK as News Theatres were set up to show newsreel films to the public.

People flocked to these cinemas to see world events as moving images for the very first time. The Tyneside Cinema was originally built as Newcastle’s News Theatre in 1937 and today is the finest surviving news reel cinema in Britain.  Every day of the week our new permanent exhibit describes the history of the building and how the news was filmed and screened in the days of the newsreels. You can hear the stories of the people who made the news and what the newsreels meant to local people, you can even experience the thrill of making a projector whirr into life – first hand!

The Tyneside Cinema is an important piece of history locally and nationally. Here’s how it evolved from its newsreel roots into the much-loved place it is today. Read more

Take a trip into the past with our free Newsreel screenings. Every day at 11:15. Read more

Take a tour of the building or come and watch a newsreel to immerse yourself in the Tyneside Cinema's fascinating history. 
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Find out more about the city of Newcastle's cinema history - where were all the old cinemas of Newcastle, and how many can you still see evidence of today? Read more