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6th May 2015

We’re marking 100 years since the birth of legendary actor and filmmaker Orson Welles with a screening of his treasure of a film about the notorious Shakespearean character Sir John Falstaff.

7th May 2015

Selected by Tyneside Cinema staff member Tom Draper as the first film in our new Staff Choice strand.

8th May 2015

An ingeniously plotted, dreamy and heart-breaking film set in the rubble-strewn labyrinth of post-war Berlin, as disfigured concentration-camp survivor searches for the husband who might have betrayed her to the Nazis.

8th May 2015

Based on a thrilling true story, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart brings the gripping memoirs of an imprisoned BBC journalist to the screen.

8th May 2015

The filmmakers behind the smash hit Untouchable reunite with breakout star Omar Sy for another fantastic comedy drama.

8th May 2015

As we mark the 70th anniversary of V.E. Day, this feel-good treat looks back 70 years ago when the Her Royal Highness was desperate to get out of the palace and join in the celebrations.

9th May 2015

The peak of legendary director Federico Fellini’s many towering feats of Cinema returns with a new reissue.

9th May 2015

When the scout fairies grow fearful that the mysterious NeverBeast will destroy Pixie Hollow, Fawn must convince Tinker Bell and the rest that the creature is in fact a gentle giant.

14th May 2015

Academy Award nominee Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient, Schindler’s List; Oedipus at the National Theatre) plays Jack Tanner in this exhilarating reinvention of George Bernard Shaw’s witty, provocative classic.

15th May 2015

The first film in the Ewenki Trilogy, an incredible series of documentary films from Chinese director Gu Tao documenting the nomadic tribes in the Great Xingan Mountains of northern China.

15th May 2015

A mesmerizing central performance from newcomer Karidja Toure as Marieme, a teenager drawn into a girl-gang in the suburbs of Paris suburbs in this expertly judged drama from French director Celine Sciamma (Tomboy).

15th May 2015

Pure high-octane madness is unleashed on the screen for the most bonkers and explosive film to come out for years as Mad Max returns to our screens as Tom Hardy takes on the mantle of the iconic road Warrior.

15th May 2015

The delectable new film from François Ozon (Potiche) sees the director playfully mix elements of a psychological drama and a entertaining farce to delve in the complexity of sexuality.

15th May 2015

One of the most startling and bizarre films you will see this year, this Cannes Award winning film is set entirely in sign language with no subtitles.

20th May 2015

An intimate and personal look into the life and music of the late singer/songwriter Elliott Smith, showing how he went from being a hometown hero to gaining mainstream success, before his tragic suicide in 2003.

22nd May 2015

The Iranian skateboarding vampire feminist spaghetti western we have all been waiting for!

22nd May 2015

Now in their 70th year Tove Jansson’s timeless comic creation the Moomins are going on holiday and hitting the big screen in this beautiful hand drawn animation.

22nd May 2015

This fascinating documentary tells the remarkable story of Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert, aspiring filmmakers who discovered the the iconic band that would become known as The Who.

29th May 2015

A charming romantic comedy, about a delightfully unconventional 30-something mistaken for a stranger's blind date, leading to her finding the perfect boyfriend.

29th May 2015

A stylish European flipside to William Friedkin's classic 70’s thriller The French Connection, tells the story of a Marseilles magistrate's relentless crusade to dismantle the most notorious drug smuggling operation in history.

5th June 2015

An absolute must-see for trash cinema aficionados, this hugely entertaining documentary tells the wild story of Cannon Films, the studio that unleashed a wide range of entertaining exploitation films in the 1980s.

5th June 2015

The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Jason Schwartzman and Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss star in razor sharp film that hearkens back to the classic neurotic comedies of the 70s.

8th June 2015

An intimate look into the life of one of the most important literary, political and feminist icons of her generation: Susan Sontag.

9th June 2015

Hailed as a remarkable, ground-breaking work during two sell-out runs at the National Theatre, this film adaptation of the hit musical documents the impact that a series of murders has on the residents in Ipswich.

12th June 2015

The director behind the revelatory and genre-defying The Act Of Killing, follows it up with another vital film about the Indonesian genocide.

12th June 2015
19th June 2015

The year is 1947, the world’s most famous detective Sherlock Holmes is long-retired, keeping honey bees and dealing with the deterioration of his once incredible mind.

21st June 2015

Ravel’s two one-act operas L’heure espagnole and L’enfant et les sortilèges performed as part of the 2012 Glyndebourne Festival Opera.

16th July 2015

BAFTA winner and Academy Award® nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor takes the title role in this dynamic new production of one of English drama’s oldest plays.

19th July 2015

Mozart’s take on the glittering Orient: a stirring tale of abduction, escape and forgiveness. Live from Glyndebourne, the home of Mozart, comes a new production of Die Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio)

22nd July 2015

Polly Findlay (Arden of Faversham 2014) directs Shakespeare’s uncompromising drama set in the melting pot of Venice in which trade is god.

9th August 2015

Fiona Shaw’s award-winning production of a dark British masterpiece. Britten’s extraordinarily tense and chilling treatment of this historic tale is explored in a brilliant production by Fiona Shaw

15th October 2015

Academy Award nominee Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock, The Imitation Game, Frankenstein at the National Theatre) takes on the title role of Shakespeare’s great tragedy.

6th November 2015

After leaving us shaken and stirred with the box office smash Skyfall, Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes returns with the 24th Bond outting that pits 007 against the evil organisation SPECTRE.

18th December 2015

Grab your lightsaber and get ready to go into light speed because the biggest Sci-Fi franchise of all-time is about to blast into the Tyneside Cinema.