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No children under 15 may watch this film.
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Stuffed with charm and humour


Jim Jarmusch’s quietly understated drama celebrates everyday small-town life. A magnificent Adam Driver stars as Paterson, a bus driver who shares his name with the city he lives in, Paterson, New Jersey. He spends his days writing poetry about the small details of the world around him.

The film quietly observes the triumphs and defeats of daily life, along with the poetry evident in its smallest details, adding another refreshingly unvarnished entry to Jim Jarmusch's filmography and another outstanding performance to Adam Driver's career credits.

BBFC Advice: This film contains strong language

Director(s): Jim Jarmusch   Country of Origin: France, Germany, United States  Year: 2016   Running Time: 1hr 53 mins  
BBFC Advice: 15 No children under 15 may watch this film.  

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Peter Nicklin said...

Four of us went to see it. I was riveted, the other three were bored rigid. Its a "Marmite" film, but take my word for it, if you have poetry in your soul, Paterson will find it.

4 months ago

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Brian Thompson said...

Put simply, seven days in the life of bus driver Paterson an Everyman who writes poetry of the every day minutiae of observations from waking to the world around him in the city of Paterson where he drives his bus. Like everyone one day is much the same as another. Adam Driver brings such a warmth to the quiet spoken Paterson, this is a beautifully observed, funny, heartwarming film I urge you to see.

5 months ago

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