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Hell Or High Water

No children under 15 may watch this film.
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The best film of the summer


This gripping neo-Western is bought to vivid life with an absolutely stellar cast led by Oscar Winner Jeff Bridges as a gruff Texas Ranger on the trail of two brothers who have resorted to desperate measures to save their family’s farm in West Texas.

This film gained tons of praise at the Cannes Film Festival and when we screened it earlier this year, its an antidote to big budget blockbuster fare and with a feel much more aligned to the classic films to come out of Hollywood in the 1970s.

The cast is rounded out by Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Ben Foster (Ain't Them Bodies Saints) giving to career best performances as the two brothers driven to the brink and turning to crime to take back what is theirs. From the screenwriter behind last year's brilliant Sicario and driected by David Macenzie (Starred Up) this is a film that is bound to have everyone talking.

BBFC Advice: This film contains strong language, violence & sex

Director(s): David Mackenzie   Country of Origin: United States  Year: 2016   Running Time: 1hr 42 mins  
BBFC Advice: 15 No children under 15 may watch this film.  

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Peter Morgan said...

This was more than just a modern western. Both sides of the law had background, history and attitude.
Well filmed and directed it was intriguing to the end - with a twist.
Of course there was plenty of American stuff which is alien to us, but this did not detract from the story.
Recommended. Worth the trip.

3 weeks ago

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Zander Benjamin said...

An amazing film. A modern day Western that takes it's time to tell the story and just when you think you know where it is going BANG. Pulls the rug from under you. All the cast deliver great performances and the cinematography is wonderful. If you like your films old school then check out Hell Or High Water.

4 months ago

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