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Parental supervision required for children under 12.
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François Ozon surprises again with sumptuous period war drama.


Our Spotlight film for May is a sumptuous monochrome period war drama from one of France's most important living filmmakers, François Ozon.

Set in a small German town after World War I, young German woman Anna (Venice award-winning Paula Beer) mourns daily at the grave of her fiancé Frantz who was killed in battle in France. But when a young Frenchman Adrien (Pierre Niney) arrives, claiming to have been close friends with her late partner, Anna finds herself falling for this charming stranger and a passionate affair begins.

Ozon throws in a deliciously twisty narrative, which along with his visual flair, make Frantz an utterly compelling watch.

BBFC Classification Advice: Infrequent moderate violence.

Don't miss our François Ozon Season to mark the release of his new film.

Language Cafe
Monday 15 May, 18:15

Language Café is a special screening where you can enjoy a film followed by a drink and an informal chat in that film’s spoken language with fellow speakers. Our experts will be on hand to help you with those bits of vocab you can't remember and all levels are welcome.

Director(s): Francois Ozon   Country of Origin: France, Germany Language(s):In German (subtitles in English) 
Year: 2016   Running Time: 1hr 53 mins  
BBFC Advice: 12A Parental supervision required for children under 12.  

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Pete said...

More twists and turns than strictly. The mostly black and white photography enhances the convincing period atmosphere. Intensely poignant at times and thought-provoking. Interesting counterpoint of white lies, journeys and coincidences. Exquisite!

3 days ago

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