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No children may watch this film.
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An electrifying film

The Guardian

Legendary filmmaker Paul Verhoeven returns with his best and most provocative movie in years, a hugely unpredictable thriller featuring a Golden Globe-winning performance from Isabelle Huppert.

Huppert plays the ice cold and controlling Michèle, the ruthless head of a successful video game company who, after being attacked and sexually assaulted in her home, finds herself drawn into twisted obsession with finding the assailant. 

BBFC Advice: This film contains sexual violence.

Elle plus panel discussion with Verbal Remedy: Sunday 12 March, 17:20

Join us for a special screening followed by a panel discussion about the controversial issues raised in Elle. The discussion will be run by Verbal Remedy, a North East social enterprise which works to break taboos and provoke conversation through a range of blogs and multimedia projects.

Language Cafe: Monday 13 March, 17:50

Join us for a special Language Cafe after the 17:50 screening on Monday 13 March where you can have a drink and an informal chat about the film in French. Don't worry if your French is a little bit rusty, our experts will be on hand to help out with those bits of vocab you don't know.

Director(s): Paul Verhoeven   Country of Origin: France, Germany, Belgium Language(s):In French (subtitles in English) 
Year: 2016   Running Time: 2hr 11 mins  
BBFC Advice: 18 No children may watch this film.  

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Peter Nicklin said...

Elle has everything: guilt, manipulation, violence, hedonism and, most of all, ambiguity. Mitigation is neither sought nor given for for anyone or anything. Cute it isn’t. Isabelle Huppert is electrifying and, as one of the MSM critics said, probably only she could have carried this off. See this film and make up your own mind. The permutations are endless.

1 month ago

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Lorraine Bartholomew said...

Peter Bartholomew at 11/03/2017 11:26
A piece of exploitative, misogynistic crap (well produced with gallic flair). Well done to the (many) Hollywood actresses who turned it down. It seems that the presence of Isabelle Huppert blinds critics' senses. The sub-plot with the baby would have shamed a Carry On film.

1 month ago

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