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Graham Dolphin - Dialogue


A new mural by artist Graham Dolphin

On permanent exhibition in the Tyneside Bar Café

Open Monday - Friday 10am – 11pm, Saturday 9am - late, Sunday 10am – 9:30pm

A real highlight of the Tyneside Bar Café is a specially commissioned artwork by visual artist Graham Dolphin. The mural, which is almost six metres long and 1.5 metres high, is made of 30,000 words of classic bar scene dialogue from almost 100 different films, from It’s a Wonderful Life, to An Autumn Afternoon, from The Apartment to Star Wars. The script extracts have been hand drawn directly onto the wall in pencil to create a mural which echoes the dramatic three-dimensional typography of film noir titles. 

Dialogue is the latest addition to the decades-long tradition of mural making within the Tyneside Cinema. Peter Yates’ amazing 1976 mural Lights and Shadows on The Wall was unearthed in the development of Tyneside Cinema in 2008, which you can now see - lovingly restored – on the wall of the Electra screen.

Film by Northern Stars Production

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