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Agents Of Change

A programme of art and film marking one of the most important moments in LGBTQ British history 

Tyneside Cinema is delighted to announce an exciting programme of art, film and discussion commemorating a pivotal moment in the history of British LGBTQ rights.

Agents of Change, coincides with the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexual acts (Sexual Offences Act 1967), with Newcastle Pride 2017, and with Tyneside Cinema's 80th anniversary celebrations.

Tickets for the programme will be on sale soon.

Tuesday 4 July, 17:30
A preview of artist David Haines’s Two Way Mirror, David Haines In Conversation with curator and writer Úna Henry, followed by a screening of Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising.

Wednesday 5 July, 18:00 
We’re screening Derek Jarman’s final film to mark the moment in 1986 when he met his partner and collaborator Keith Collins at a film festival at Tyneside Cinema.

Monday 17 July, 18:00 
An incisive and shocking film about the persecution of gay people in Uganda, where fanatical religious groups are trying to pass a bill which would make homosexuality punishable by death.

Tuesday 18 July, 20:00 
Imagine a world where non-heterosexual love is accepted as the norm. Zoinx, an alien from just such a planet, travels to planet Earth on a special mission. 

Friday 21 July, 19:00
A special screening of the reissue of the first British film to deal explicitly with homosexuality, six years before the Sexual Offences Act in 1967. 

Sunday 30 July, 14:00 
Anna Rose Holmer’s first feature highlights the societal anxiety that still surrounds young women’s bodies and sexuality.

Starts Friday 11 August
The 30th Anniversary reissue of Stephen Frears’s brilliant film about the spectacular life and tragic death of British playwright Joe Orton