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3D at Tyneside Cinema

Get ready to have the best immersive cinema experience at the Tyneside!

We're always committed to giving you, our lovely audience, the best experience cinema has to offer, so we added 3D to our technical repertoire of pin-sharp pictures and crystal-clear sound.

The Science Bit

Our 3D system is powered by the XpanD system, which uses the best in 3D technology to give us the best picture in town! XpanD uses 3D glasses smarter than your average pair, with all the technology built inside of them. When you see the world through both eyes, you’re actually looking at two pictures merged into one. Your right eye and your left eye each deliver a separate image to your brain.

Equipped with shutters in each lens, XpanD 3D glasses provide a different view for each eye, more closely simulating true 3D vision than other cinema systems. Because of this, our glasses must be returned after each show. Please make sure that you return your XpanD glasses to cinema staff after enjoying our screenings.

Our 3D screenings are subject to a £1.75 supplement.