The Tyneside Cinema, staff and pupils of Whickham School were saddened to hear about the passing of PC David Rathband on Wednesday 29 February 2012. PC Rathband was an important part of the development of The News That Defined Us and proved to be a huge inspiration to the project andin particular to the students of Whickham School.

Welcome to The News That Defined Us

Whatever you teach, you will find rich illustrative content in this unique resource that looks at how the news affects our lives. Developed in association with teachers, the News That Defined Us project unlocks a comprehensive media archive that explores some of the biggest stories in recent times.

Every moment of every day, events unfold that are important to share. The continual fascination with the world around us thrusts ordinary people into the public spotlight and creates an industry seeking to bring us the most reliable, informative and exciting news.

The News That Defined Us project brings together news professionals and ordinary people who found themselves the subject of public interest. Offering a uniquely personal perspective on mass media, this site gives you access to extensive interviews with the people behind the news such as BBC reporters Kate Adie, Danny Savage and Alistair Leithead, unwitting “celebrities” PC David Rathband (a survivor of killer Raoul Moat) and Guardsman Scott Cooper (injured in Afghanistan), and academics. Together they give a comprehensive account of life in the news.

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