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Develop your students' foreign language skills

Our MFL schools workshops let your students practice their language in a fun and engaging way while developing confidence-building and listening and speaking skills. 

Tyneside Cinema's filmmaking team can support groups of up to 30 students to make a film with dialogue entirely in French, German or Spanish. 

The film can be themed around an event from that country's history, such as the French Revolution or the fall of the Berlin Wall, or we can look at the history of that country's film with your students and make a adaptation of a particular director's work, such as Fritz Lang or Luis Buñuel.

Curriculum links:

  • Key Stage 3 French, German or Spanish
  • GCSE / Key Stage 4 French, German or Spanish
  • A Level / Key Stage 5 French, German or Spanish

Our workshops can all be customised to students' individual learning requirements.

Booking information & costs

Cost: £350 

Timings: All workshops run from 10:00 - 15:00 

Location: Tyneside Cinema Pop-Up Film School, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

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For more information or to book, please complete and submit our Enquiry Form. You can also email filmschool@tynesidecinema.co.uk or call 0191 227 5508.

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