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What's The Programme?

New Creatives presents an unprecedented opportunity for young creatives to experiment and connect with BBC audiences and beyond.

In 2019 we will be commissioning 18 films, 30 audio pieces and 2 interactive works so there are lots of opportunities to have your voice heard.

Artists selected for the programme will take part in training and development workshops with experienced professionals to develop their original idea and prepare it for production. They will then be supported by approved production partners to create their work, with input from Tyneside Cinema and the BBC.

Completed work has the chance of being selected for a new strand of programming - BBC Introducing Arts - which will showcase new artistic talent from the UK across BBC platforms, including BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, BBC Taster and beyond.

In addition to supporting selected artists to develop and produce their work, New Creatives will provide training and support to develop a digital distribution strategy for their work, allowing them to extend the potential audiences for their creative output now and in the future.

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