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Your opinions, your experiences, your lives and your stories as told by you 

New Creatives is co-funded by Arts Council England, and BBC Arts, in partnership with five creative media production organisations across England. Tyneside Cinema are proud to be leading the New Creatives programme here in the North of England, where we will support artists aged 16 to 30 to bring to their original ideas to life through film, audio or interactive artworks.

We are looking for talent of all kinds, from all backgrounds and all capabilities, applicants simply have to be between the ages of 16 and 30 and have creative ideas about the world today.

This is a unique opportunity for artists to create film, audio or interactive work based on their lives, their opinions, their experiences and this will come with the support and guidance of industry professionals.

Applicants can come from any artistic discipline.  They could be dancers, performers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, comedians, visual artists, illustrators, animators, poets, storytellers or games designers; or they could be something else entirely.

Visit the application portal to apply for Film and Audio work here. 

The first deadline for applications for Film and Audio work only is midnight, Sunday 10 March 2019.

Push Yourself Forward

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, so long as you are passionate about your idea and how you want to explore it creatively, we want to hear from you. New Creatives is keen to open up this platform to people who may not have yet been seen represented on screen, air or online before. 

Pay Attention Here

Visit the application portal to apply for Film and Audio work here. 

The first deadline for applications for Film and Audio work only is midnight, Sunday 10 March 2019.

Applicants must be between 16 and 30 years of age, be living in England and be a UK resident of the UK. Applicants who are in education cannot submit proposals for work that is part of their studies or course curriculum. 

Find Out More

BBC New Creatives: More information

New Creatives presents an unprecedented opportunity for young creatives to experiment and connect with BBC audiences and beyond. 

Artists selected for the programme will take part in training and development workshops with experienced professionals in order to develop their original idea and prepare it for production. The artists will then be supported by approved production partners to make their original work, with input from Tyneside Cinema and the BBC.

Completed work has the chance of being selected for a new strand of programming - BBC Introducing Arts, which will showcase new artistic talent from the UK across BBC platforms - including BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, BBC Taster and beyond. 

In addition to supporting selected artists to develop and produce their work, New Creatives will provide them with training and support to develop a digital distribution strategy for their work, allowing them to extend the potential audiences for their creative output now and in the future. 

The Creative Brief

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for ideas that push the boundaries on what constitutes art, makes people think and encourages new ways of understanding ourselves and the world in which we live.

The main things we want to see are: 

  • Relevance: the ideas and themes that really matter to you and your community – however you might define them. 
  • "Talk-ability": shareable content that gets people talking.
  • Timeliness: things that impact people’s lives here and now.
  • Originality: Content that innovates.

In our film commissions, we want to see visual storytelling that is exciting and memorable. We’re looking for strong ideas for short-form films up to 3 minutes in duration, that demonstrate the breadth of possibility offered by film, whether through stylistic innovation, experimentation with sound, image, structure, narrative and storytelling, animation, performance, scripted drama, dance, music or any other means. They can feature or blend different artistic forms and genres within each work. If your idea would benefit from a slightly longer duration we are open to discussing this with you as long as it can be made within the available budget. 

In our audio commissions, we’re particularly interested in works that represent creative storytelling in its broadest sense.  We want stylistic innovation – for you to push boundaries and to create works that can surprise listeners with their inventiveness and ingenuity.  We’re interested in works ranging from the very short – micro-storytelling of 1 minute or less - to audio pieces of up to 15 minutes. Works can be episodic stories, soundscapes, audio storytelling and can include spoken word, performance, drama, music and sound design, and any or all combinations that convey the idea in the best way. We’re also looking for stories that reflect experience and places so that we can build a rich and diverse portfolio of audio works. 

In our interactive commissions, we’re interested in supporting exciting concepts and ideas for immersive audio and video works that can give an insight into a powerful experience, situation or location.  These may be 360 online videos, or binaural audio trails in physical spaces, AR ideas or venue-based VR works. 

Visit the application portal to apply for Film and Audio work here. 

The first deadline for applications for Film and Audio work only is midnight, Sunday 10 March 2019.


Budgets for commissioned work will be set by the producer at Tyneside Cinema in consultation with the BBC and commissioned artists. As a guide, the available budgets for each strand are: 

  • Up to £5,000 for film.
  • Up to £3,500 for audio.
  • Between £10,000-£20,000 for interactive.

The budget allocated to each commission must cover the total cost of producing and delivering the work. 

Please note: we cannot accept ideas that are journalism or current affairs documentary for any of these strands. 

Artist Selection Process


All applications will be read by the members of the delivery team at Tyneside Cinema and a long-list of eligible applications will be drawn up. All artists that make it to the long-list will be interviewed by a member of the delivery team at Tyneside Cinema to provide initial feedback on their ideas and answer any questions they might have about the programme.  Artists will then be given the opportunity to resubmit their proposals to incorporate any feedback they received. 


A shortlist will be drawn up from the final submissions and shared with a commissioning panel made up of representatives from the BBC, Tyneside Cinema and other relevant partners. The panel will use the four main guidelines outlined in the Creative Brief to assess each idea, along with the artist’s personal statement on what they hope to achieve by taking part in the programme, and the quality and ambition of any previous creative work submitted as part of the application.


Tyneside Cinema will be commissioning 100 new pieces of work over this two-year project.

- 2 commissioning rounds for film and audio in 2019.

- 2 commissioning rounds for film and audio in 2020.

- 1 commissioning round for interactive proposals in 2019.

- 1 commissioning round for interactive proposals in 2020.

Visit the application portal to apply for Film and Audio work here. 

The first deadline for applications for Film and Audio work only is midnight, Sunday 10 March 2019.