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We have lots of great learning opportunities available for adults - check back here in the future for updates on new events and activities!

Film Club  

Every Thursday at 3pm our Film Club meets at the Tyneside Cinema, giving people the chance to talk about the same film and have a drink and a catch up too. The club's open for anybody and participants decide which film out of our current programme they all should see the Thursday before.

Language Café

Language Café is a series of foreign language film titles which can be enjoyed on their own or accompanied by a free get-together after the show where you can talk about the film in its native tongue. Whether you are a native speaker or are studying the language for fun, the mood will be informal and relaxed, with help to get you started and provide those bits of vocabulary you just can’t remember. For information of upcoming events click here

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Churchill (PG)

  1. Electra

    1. 12:45
  2. Roxy

    1. 17:30

Edith Walks (PG)

  1. Roxy

    1. 13:00
  2. Gallery

    1. 17:45

Berlin Syndrome (15)

  1. Roxy

    1. 14:45
  2. Gallery

    1. 19:30

The Graduate (12A)

  1. Electra

    1. 18:15