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Advertise with Us

There are lots of ways you can get your business, products or services noticed by our audience.

Advertise online

Our busy website is gaining traffic all the time and advertising on it is a flexible, measurable way to get your business message out and about. We have a range of spaces online available.

We also have some very targeted areas of our site where you can reach groups such as businesses, parents, schools and more!

Alternatively, we also email over 20,000 people our listings each and every week, an ideal vehicle for your messages!

Film guides and tickets

Our film guides and publicity go straight to the letterboxes and desktops of some of the most interesting people in the region. You can sell your events, products or services to these folks by advertising in the Tyneside Cinema Film Guide.  We print 25,000 guides every 7 weeks and distribute them the length and breadth of the region too!

In the building

We're open all day, every day, with over 1,200 members of the public coming in for great films and events, free tours of our historic building, or just to have a leisurely coffee in one of our popular bars and cafes.

Get their attention by advertising in our popular washroom frames or in poster sites around the building.

Contact us today to discuss your advertising needs. Email Chris Scott, our Marketing Manager, or call on 0845 217 9909.

Advertising Packages

Cost-effective, tailored advertising packages are available if you'd like to book a combination of advertising, e.g. a brochure advert, website space and washroom frame.

Just get in touch to discuss what you've got in mind. Email Jonny Tull or call 0845 217 9909.

We've also been known to throw a top notch promotional party at the Tyneside Cinema.

We have a range of spaces to choose from and we can organise everything you'll need for a successful promotional party or launch event. Find out more 

Got an Advertising Idea?

Got an idea for advertising your business that we haven't covered here? We're all ears! Tell us what it is and chances are we’ll be able to do it.