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Cheese and Wine Nights at Vicolo

With the nights drawing in it's time to join us this autumn at Vicolo for cosy Friday nights out with our all new Cheese and Wine Nights.

Every Friday from 5pm we’re presenting a constantly-changing selection of the finest British cheeses, all served with our own 35mm real ale chutney, celery, apple and freshly-baked bread, plus we’ve stocked our cellar with a special range of wine and port to match our cheeseboard.

Our Cheese and Wine Nights are FREE to attend - simply choose how many portions of cheese and which accompanying drinks you would like. Portions of cheese start at just £1. 

Our current cheeses include:

A complex and deep flavoured cheese with a sticky washed rind. It is very affected by seasonality, at present customers should expect a buttery soft texture. It is on the tamer side right now- still full of flavour but creamy, sweet and malty.
Find out more about this cheese on the Neal's Yard Dairy website

A balanced amount of blue veining adds a sweet and spicy lift to the rich, full flavoured yellow paste. Cashel Blue tends to be a moist, buttery textured cheese.
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A lactic goat’s milk cheese: flavours of bright acidity and grass, lengthening with maturity; there is perceptible spice from the Geotrichum moulds on the ashed rind. Textures are dense, ganache-like and coat the mouth.
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A treasure: the last farmhouse raw-milk Lancashire in the world. Defining features are its succulent-yet-crumbly texture (referred to by the Kirkham family as a ‘buttery crumble’) and its yoghurty, bright, layered flavour.
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Our wine list includes:

Mont de Joie Sauvignon Blanc
Bright pale gold colour.  Aromas and flavours of subtle citrus/pear and gooseberry, with some flinty, earthy minerality.
Suggested pairing: Innes Log

Chamuyo Malbec, Mendoza Vineyards
Bright cherry red with a violet hue. It shows intense aromas of ripe, red summer fruit, herbs and subtle warm spice.
Suggested pairing: Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire

Old Vines Tempranillo Reserva
Spicy plum and damson fruit aromas on the nose, with toffee, sweet spice and bramble fruit on the palate. Round and full with great finesse and structure.
Suggested pairing: Cashel Blue

Corney & Barrow 10 Year Old Tawny Port
Aged Tawny port is such an accessible, easy way to enjoy port. The wine will have spent an average of ten years in cask so there is no sediment - just attractive, nutty uplifting wine.
Suggested pairing: Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire or Cashel Blue

Joel Holmes

It was a great privilege to be given access to the Classic Cinema for our recent filming in connection with the BBC2 production of United. The Classic is a unique and outstanding venue which we would have struggled to match anywhere in the country. It was a great pleasure filming at the Tyneside Cinema and we were very grateful for the support and help we received.

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