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Winter Light

Ingmar Bergman's Winter Light explores religious faith and doubts in a visceral, visual, and provocative manner. 

This compelling drama is set within a three-hour period on a Sunday afternoon in November, and follows a local pastor, Tomas Ericsson (Gunnar Bjornstrand) who is seemingly losing his faith in religion as he struggles to comfort a fisher man (Max von Sydow) who is anxiety-ridden over the nuclear power of the Chinese, nor deal with the affections of Marta (Ingrid Thulin) a plain-looking schoolteacher who has long been in love with the pastor. 

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 18mins

BBFC Advice: PG

Director(s): Ingmar Bergman

Country of Origin: Sweden

Year of release:

Language(s): In Swedish with English subtitles

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