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Where Chimneys Are Seen

Love, in all its semblances and dimensions, is a state so universally experienced by humankind that it has provided a perpetual source of inspiration in the long history of global cinema. 

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2019 features thoughtfully selected works from Japan’s artistic repertoire, all focusing on this theme in one way or another. As the conventional binaries defining what it means to love continually give way to new understandings of this sweeping emotion, so too does this year’s curation aim to provide insights into a wider context of love in Japanese society.

Entotsu no mieru basho 煙突の見える場所

Ryukichi (Ken Uehara) lives in a cheap rental house together with his wife, Hiroko (Kinuyo Tanaka), who was traumatised in the war. One day, a baby is abandoned on their doorstep. Who is the mother? 

A drama representative of Gosho’s work, this classic focuses on family life in the downtown of post-war Tokyo. Widely regarded as the work most representative of Gosho’s concern for the lives of lower-middle class individuals, this drama (entered into the 3rd Berlin International Film Festival) is a rare find that focuses on marriage and family life in the post-war period of industrialisation. 

This screening will be on 35mm.

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 43mins

BBFC Advice: 12A

Director(s): Heinosuke Gosho

Country of Origin: Japan

Year of release:

Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles

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