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Projections x Chalk: The Way Things Go + kids' workshop

Swiss artists Fischli & Weiss made their much imitated, never-bettered film The Way Things Go in 1987. In it, a variety of household objects from tyres and bottles to chairs and tables roll, fall and bump against one another – with a liberal helping of explosive chemicals, petrol and fire – to create an unforgettable thirty-minute, non-stop ‘Rube Goldberg machine.’

For this special event in our Pop-Up Film School we team up with Newcastle-based collective Chalk, well-loved for their work creating fun, immersive, accessible cultural events for children and their families. Come along to watch the film and others inspired by it, and then join forces to attempt to create a huge chain reaction all together—minus the petrol! 

Workshop limited to 25 children. Suitable for age 5 and up.

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