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Twenty-eight year-old Jennifer Brea is working on her PhD at Harvard and months away from marrying the love of her life when she gets a mysterious fever that leaves her bedridden and looking for answers. Determined to live, she turns her camera on herself and her community - a hidden world of millions confined to their homes and bedrooms by ME, commonly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Unrest is, at it’s core, a love story. 

How Jen and her new husband forge their relationship while dealing with her mysterious illness is at once heartbreaking, inspiring and funny.

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 30mins

BBFC Advice: TBC

Director(s): Jennifer Brea

Country of Origin: USA

Year of release:

No current screenings

Offers and Events

Q&A & VR Experience

The screening on Wednesday 25 October at 18:00 will feature a Q&A with Julia Newton, Clinical Professor of Ageing and Medicine and Dean of clinical medicine at the School of Clinical Medical Sciences of Newcastle University, and an interactive VR experience inspired by the film. 

This immersive journey takes you into Jen’s experience of an invisible illness, myalgic encephalomyelitis, the project contrasts the painful solitary confinement of a bedroom world with the kinetic freedom of an inner dreamscape. When you’re too sick to leave your bed, where do you go.

Please note that the screening has now sold out however you can still join us for the free Interactive VR Experience from 3pm on the Cinema's third floor landing.


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