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Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

As much an eccentric character study as a road movie, Michael Cimino's directorial debut follows the adventures of a quartet of misfits in their life of crime. Retired thief Thunderbolt (Clint Eastwood) and drifter Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges) meet when Thunderbolt jumps into Lightfoot's stolen car to escape a gunman. The pair embarks on an oddball journey to get Thunderbolt's loot from an old robbery before his former associates, the sadistic Red (George Kennedy) and cretinous Goody (Geoffrey Lewis), get to it first, but all four are too late; the one-room schoolhouse hiding place has apparently vanished. 

Instead, the four play house and work day jobs while they plot to rob the same place Thunderbolt and Red hit before. Although the plan goes awry, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot discover that they may still have succeeded-or so they think. 

Showing as part of our Film Firsts Season, in partnership with Northumbria University.

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 55mins

BBFC Advice: 18

Director(s): Michael Cimino

Country of Origin: USA

Year of release:

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