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The Square

Ruben Östlund’s Cannes Palme d’or winner, and Best Foreign Language Oscar nominee, finally makes it to our screens. 

A vicious, frequently off-the-wall art world satire, it follows the curator of a Swedish museum (a great Claes Bang) who sees his life and career begin to unravel after he hires a PR agency to create a public ‘buzz’ around his latest commission, an installation known as ‘The Square’. 

Featuring pickpockets, a man pretending to be an ape, an actual ape, public humiliation, viral marketing meltdowns, and much else besides, Östlund’s follow up to Force Majeure plays like a very unhinged, very funny episode of Black Mirror, and is a truly one-off, deranged piece of filmmaking. Unmissable stuff:

“Östlund’s sprawling and daringly surreal satire turns a contemporary art museum into a city-state of bizarre, dysfunctional and Ballardian strangeness. This movie really brings some gobsmackingly weird and outrageous spectacle, with moments of pure showstopping freakiness, and extraordinary set pieces. It sets out to make your jaw drop. And it succeeds..” – The Guardian 

Event Information

Running Time: 2hrs 22mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Ruben Östlund

Country of Origin: Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark

Year of release:

Language(s): Swedish English & Danish with English subtitles

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