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Sophie Soobramanien: Ou est le pouce?

Tickets: £4/£6

Sophie Soobramanien’s Ou est le pouce? is a film-performance bringing together a body of work from her trip to the island of Mauritius – the birthplace of her parents and where much of their family still lives. Initially the project was considering the German notion - Sehnsucht –a specific longing or nostalgia for something you have never experienced. She wanted to explore her sentimentality and exoticising of her parent’s childhoods on the island, that were behaving as barriers to a more nuanced understanding of the culture. She had wanted to make a cinematic film-essay. 

Having returned with footage and feelings unsuited to this, she now presents a piece more unsure of itself. As film and live text intersect, clash and merge, so do familial comforts and the awkward feelings of tourist displacement. Acts of translation become symbolic of a process of meaning-making within aspects of identity and heritage. Whilst warmly hosted, she travels around the island visiting places from her parents youth and different landmarks of Mauritian histories. This sketchy inquiry prioritises the stammering and stuttering of trying to connect and ultimately there is nothing didactic, there is no discourse – just a slippery kind of floating around.

About the artist:

Sophie Soobramanien is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her practice spans film, drawing, performance and writing. She uses these tools for exploring questions of cultural identity and scripts of sexuality amidst interpersonal relationships and the larger purview of societal projections. Since graduating from Fine Art at Newcastle University, she has shown work at Northern Charter and System Gallery, Newcastle; and alongside Katy Bentham has co-edited and published Eros in Blue. Additionally, she is part of a collaborative project – Islanders. Together with Nellie Saunby, Giles Bailey & Jamie Hammill, a continuously evolving performance has been developed and toured around the country.

Supported by a Projections event commission 

Film Information

Running Time: 1hr

BBFC Advice: TBC

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