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In a corner of Tokyo, a family struggle to get by, barely making enough money to survive through petty crime. But, when Osamu and his son come across a little girl in the freezing cold, they welcome her with open arms – leaning more and more of the hardships she has faced. 

Shoplifters is the story of a group of frightened, damaged people who have made common cause with each other, banded together under the flag of family, under the radar of the law, making the best of things from day to day, until they realise they have been making the worst of things. A rich, satisfying and deeply moving Palme d’Or winning drama from a master filmmaker.

BBFC Advice: Contains strong sex references

Event Information

Running Time: 2hrs 1min

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Hirokazu Kore-eda

Country of Origin: Japan

Year of release:

Language(s): Japanese with English Subtitles

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