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Sensing the Gap: Leah Millar & Tim Shaw

Leah Millar and Tim Shaw’s live performance uses the cinema as a space to reveal interference and mechanical failure. Drawing on methods associated with structural film and media art, Millar and Shaw improvise with devices usually hidden or out of reach within the cinema. Using field recordings, 8mm and 16mm projection loops, sound synthesis, a Vectrex console, digital images and light-to-sound transformation techniques, the duo explore interruption and imbalance as creative material. This performance questions our physical and perceptual relationships to the machines used throughout the history of cinema.

Millar and Shaw previously worked together on Millar's AV 2018 commission ‘Un.s.cene’, a filmic essay exploring the river Tyne. This performance will include material gathered from their research in and around the Gateshead area.

Leah Millar

Leah Millar is an artist and film-maker based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Her practice connects subjective experience to landscape through expressions of tactility in experimental film, photography and performance. Her often site-specific work articulates ideas about agency, sociality and the environments we create for ourselves from audiovisual media.

Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw is an artist and musician interested in the relationships between site, sound and technology.  His work is anchored in the creative use of field recordings and he often appropriates recording and communication technology to consider how these devices change the way we experience the world. Tim presents work through musical performances, installations, walks and site-responsive interventions.

This event is part of Projections; a programme of artists' moving image, live events and artist development at Tyneside Cinema. Selected as part of the Projections open call.

Event Information

Running Time: 90mins

BBFC Advice: TBC

Director(s): Leah Millar & Tim Shaw

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