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Playback in association with Random Acts

Preview: Friday 28 July 2017
Exhibition: 29 July - 13 August 2017
The Gallery, 3rd floor,Tyneside Cinema

This summer Playback comes to Tyneside, showcasing over 200 short films made by young artist filmmakers in one interactive exhibition.

About the films

Playback brings together over 200 short films made by young artist filmmakers in one exhibition, which tours the country until March 2018. These remarkable and award-winning short films made by emerging talent capture today’s world: from underground zine cultures, to urban communities and digital lives.

The exhibition features individual touchscreens that let you choose your own films; from drama, comedy, dance and spoken word.

Some of the films were originally made and produced in the North, where young people were given the support and funding to create a short film. Now, Playback gives you the chance to see the people, places and creativity of your local region on the big screen.

About Playback

Playback travels across the length and breadth of the country to England’s major galleries, cinemas and arts venues until March 2018, where it culminates in a festival at the ICA.

The exhibition is funded by Arts Council England and is a joint initiative with Channel 4 Random Acts.

Event Information


This free exhibition previews on Friday 28 July and will screen in The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema from 29 July - 13 August 2017.

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