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Our Time

Mexican auteur Carlos Reygadas’ Our Time is an unsparing account of a marriage in crisis. Starring the director and his real-life spouse Natalia López, the film depicts a couple navigating the difficult terrain of an open relationship.

Ranch owners Juan (Reygadas) and Esther (López) live on the outskirts of Mexico City with their three children. Esther is in charge of running the ranch, while her husband Juan, a world-renowned poet, raises and selects the beasts. Although in an open marriage, their relationship begins to crumble when Esther falls in love with an American horse-breaker and Juan is unable control his jealousy.

Mirroring non-fiction filmmaking traditions, Reygadas captures the beauty and intimacy of the family’s daily life, as well as the disruptive forces of paranoia, distrust and patriarchal values. With the breadth of attention that is typical of his films, Reygadas shifts his gaze from the human drama at the centre of the narrative to the rich environment of the ranch and its surrounds. A deeply personal and provocative work that asks challenging questions about the nature of romantic relationships outside of social norms.

 BBFC Advice: Contains strong sex, strong language

Film Information

Running Time: 2 hours 37 mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Carlos Reygadas

Year of release:

Language(s): Spanish

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