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Opening Event: A King's Speech - Martin Luther King on Tyneside plus talk

We open our programme by welcoming groups of community leaders, academics and communities in the North East to think through alternatives to post-liberal society austerity that addresses the core themes of Dr King’s speech: Racism, Poverty and War.

We are delighted to welcome Professor Mark Shucksmith, Director, Newcastle University Institute for Social Renewal, and Dr. Philip McGowan, Director of Newcastle University Institute for Sustainability to open the Rise Up: Ending Racism, Poverty and War programme.

This will be followed by a talk from Professor Brian Ward, Northumbria University's Professor in American Studies, and a screening of  the BBC Documentary A Kings Speech - Martin Luther King on Tyneside, accompanied by short films inspired by Martin Luther King's speech at Newcastle University in 1967, made by Northern Stars Documentary Academy, Tyneside Cinema's young persons filmmaking academy for 15-18 year-olds from the North East. 


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BBFC Advice: PG

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