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Newsreel: May 1949 - Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Screening daily at 11:15 until 2 Aug

This selection showcases many of the staple themes of the newsreels in their post-war heyday. Exotic objects, jokey stunts, sport, high society, disasters and “good old England”

Uncovering the History of Ancient Egypt

Scenes show archaeology teams in Egypt revealing a small sphinx, a mummified priest and the imposing tomb of Queen Hatshepsut, and treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Museum.

Paris stunt

A man in Paris tricks the authorities into letting him climb to the top of the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde, then he uses a loudspeaker to advertise cigarette lighters.

Preakness Stakes classic race

The second of the three US horse races that make up the Triple Crown is narrowly won by Capot.

Debutantes at Buckingham Palace

Cars cram into The Mall to bring young upper-class women to the first Presentation Party of the season where “debutantes” stepped formally into adult life (and usually into the marriage market) by being presented at Court to the King and Queen. 

New York tunnel fire

A lorry load of highly flammable chemicals caught fire in the Holland Tunnel under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, shrouding vehicles in toxic fumes and smoke. Prompt action by the port authority and firefighters from both ends of the tunnel ensured that all people got out without loss of life.

Our Roving Camera ….

… shows the deposed and exiled King Umberto and Queen Maria José of Italy visiting a museum in Spain; and the Oxfordshire Agricultural Show is in full swing with piglets, blacksmiths and hearty bloodstock cattle.  

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