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Archive Newsreel: July 1937 - The Death of Marconi



Gaumont British News.

July 1937 – USA wins the Davis Cup & wireless pioneer Marconi dies

GB loses the Davis Cup after holding it for four years

In a tensely-fought final stage of the tournament between Great Britain and the USA, the men’s doubles proved to be the deciding match. In two singles matches that followed, Britain’s Charles Hare lost in straight sets to America’s Frank Parker; GB’s Bunny Austin and the American Don Budge took two sets each, but it was not enough to keep the Cup in London.

The wonder of Wireless is celebrated in tribute to its founder Marconi, dead at only 63

The newsreel producers show the diverse use of wireless technology for shipping, long-distance communications, news and entertainment in the home, television and military applications. Italy gives Marconi a state funeral.

Humourist MP works on divorce law reform

A P Herbert, a writer who became Independent MP for the old Oxford University constituency, worked on a private members bill to relax some of the divorce laws, including dropping the requirement of proof of adultery.

Jean-Felix Piccard test-flies his cluster balloons

Dr Piccard, a pioneer jointly with his wife Jeannette of high-altitude balloon technology, tests a new system of mini-balloons in place of one large one, in a flight from Rochester, Minnesota, that reached two miles high. He survived a faster-than-planned descent.

Royal visit to Ulster

After their Coronation in May 1937 George VI and Queen Elizabeth toured the kingdom. July found them in Belfast.

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