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Mr Drayton's Record Player

A space in your busy life to sit down, have a chill and listen to an album, on vinyl, in comfortable surroundings. We play only the choicest records, because they're chosen by you the audience. 

Each show is accompanied with a slide show, and followed by a daft quiz. 
It's fun, it's sociable, it's musical. It's great. 

*Not necessarily true

Mr Drayton's Record Player Proudly Presents 

The Christmas Singles Club

Thursday 21 December, 20:30

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a festive tune or ten. However, as most places tend to play the same songs over and over in a loop, Mr Drayton asks ten fantastic folk to nominate their favourite festive 45.

Expect Christmas tunes with a difference.

Which leaves you, the audience, to vote for which crimbo croon you to consider to be the best of the bunch.

It’s the perfect seasonal aperitif; more fun that black eye Friday and better than boxing day.

This event will take place in the Gallery, starts at 8.30pm and will cost you Ten English pounds to attend.

Book early as this will sell out as sure as Santa is coming down your flue.

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BBFC Advice: TBC

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