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Mr Drayton's Record Player

Mr Drayton's Record Player Proudly Presents 

Punktober 1977!

1977 was the year of the Punk Rocker. Young folk up and down the land, embraced this much needed release from the drudgery of the longhaired, patchouli oiled, kaftan-bedecked music behemoths. Enough was enough.

To celebrate 1977 with anarchy and chaos, Mr Drayton offers you 5 classic albums and 10 punk rock 45’s, bringing sedition and malcontentedness to the comfortable surroundings of the Digital Lounge.

All albums featured are played in full from original vinyl, all most probably bought from Record Village in Scunthorpe in the olden days.

All evenings feature a slideshow, a quiz and Mr Drayton talking cobblers.

Never Mind The Bollocks - The Sex Pistols 

Thursday 5 October, 19:00

Ever Had The Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?

Still angry after all these years.


The Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned vs The Clash - The Clash

Thursday 12 October, 19:00

A punk rock debut album face-off featuring those fun-lovin’ The Damned against the moody-broody The Clash.

Which is the best? You decide.


Suicide - Suicide vs Talking Heads – 77

Thursday 19 October, 19:00

One the one hand you’ve got Phil Spector on cheap speed and even cheaper synths and on the other you’ve the skipping joy of Dave, Tina, Jerry and Chris.

Which is the best? You decide.


Mr Drayton’s Punk Rock Singles Club

Thursday 26 October, 19:00

What’s your top punk single from 1977?

You are invited to submit your fave 1977 punk 45 for public consideration.

You must be prepared to tell us about it for up to three minutes.

Ideally, it will be on vinyl.

Submissions to Facebook page @mrdraytonsrecordplayer please.

All details on there.

Event Information

BBFC Advice: TBC

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Thu 26 Oct

Offers and Events

Ticket Price

£5.00 per person

Doors: 19:00

Starts: 19:30

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