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Miss Lovely

Vicky and Sonu Duggal are brothers and partners in crime, churning out sex-horror films for the underground world of Mumbai’s small picture houses, where opportunism, corruption and lust abound. Skirting censorship, and gangland distributors, hustler Vicky struggles to run their operation, leaving the legwork to Sonu, whose rage bubbles beneath the surface. 

On the train home one day, Sonu is mesmerised by the mysterious Pinky, a struggling actress. He knows that only she can save him, but the more time he spends with her, the less he comprehends. Increasingly resentful of Vicky, Sonu decides to produce his dream romantic film, Miss Lovely. But nothing is what it seems in this garish underworld of shifting alliances and doomed love.

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 53 mins

BBFC Advice: 18

Director(s): Ashim Ahluwalia

Country of Origin: India

Year of release:

Language(s): Hindi with English subtitles

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