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Mean Girls

Screening & Tyneside Bar Cafe Cocktails 

24 Aug 20:15 (doors open)

Ticket price: £10*

Join The Plastics at Tyneside Cinema for our MEAN GIRLS screening! Can we make fetch happen? Includes screening and with a complimentary themed cocktail in Tyneside Bar Café. 

Written by Tina Fey, Mean Girls brilliantly fuses pop culture comedy and smart satire to create a portrayal of teen politics so deadly accurate, it should be required viewing in every high school. Lindsay Lohan stars as Cady, an innocent, formerly home-schooled girl who gets dropped into the sneaky, vicious world of “The Plastics,” three rich, popular teen girls who rule their school’s social hierarchy like highly-fashionable fascists.

Cady first befriends a couple of art-punk outcasts who persuade her to infiltrate The Plastics and destroy them from within – but power corrupts, and Cady soon finds the perks of being a Plastic too seductive to ignore. When Cady unwittingly violates one of the unwritten laws of her new Plastic pals and goes out on a date with the ex-boyfriend of the head Plastic, the ruthless Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Cady becomes involved in an all-out Mean Girl War that only the strongest shall survive.

Featuring a stellar comedy cast including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert and Lizzy Caplan, Mean Girls is a hilarious look at the brutal high school jungle that’s even better than a cake made out of rainbows and smiles. So whether you’re a Plastic, a Mathlete or a Badass M.C., this is going to be, like, “So Fetch!”

Please note: this event is strictly for over 18s only.

*Plus online booking fee. Tickets purchased via our Box Office do not have a booking fee.

Film Information

Running Time: 1hr 33mins

BBFC Advice: 18

Director(s): Mark Waters

Country of Origin: USA

Year of release:

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