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Isle of Dogs

Japan in the near future. An outbreak of a canine flu leads the authorities to capture and exile all dogs to Trash Island, out of fear the disease will prove transmissible to humans. 12 year-old Atari Kobayashi flies to Trash Island in search of his lost dog Spots and garners the assistance of a pack of abandoned hounds. Wes Anderson's most recent picture is a beautiful homage to Japanese culture, the whimsical art of stop-motion and all dog-kind - catch it again on the big screen as part of our Best of 2018 season. 

Tyneside Cinema Box Office & Marketing Assistant, Martha Lane on Isle of Dogs

I watched Isle of Dogs at the Tyneside’s Bringing in Baby screening, a service that makes me lucky because it means that even parents with 17-week olds can see the latest cult releases, but it does mean I probably only managed to concentrate on 80% of what was going on. This film is so drenched in tiny details that I know I missed a lot but at least I get to enjoy it for the first time all over again… which is great, because I absolutely loved it!

Set in a near-future, fantasy version of Japan riddled with anti-canine sentiment and corrupt politicians who all obviously love a feline. Portrayed in the same style of stop animation that brought Fantastic Mr Fox to life, Isle of Dogs is visually stunning even though it is set in a landscape of garbage and fleas.

A muttley crew of completely loveable characters with their chewed ears and wistful memories of puppy snap biscuits. Visual jokes – honestly, I’ve never laughed at cotton wool before – entwined with sharp dialogue make for a fast-paced romp while flashbacks and jumps back to the mainland help create a jigsaw style narrative that means you never have chance to get bored.

BBFC Advice: Contains mild threat, violence, language.

Event Information

Running Time: 1h 41min

BBFC Advice: PG

Director(s): Wes Anderson

Country of Origin: America

Year of release:

Language(s): English and Japanese

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