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International Women's Day: Waru

Our screening will be introduced be Anamarija Horvat, a PhD candidate from Northumbria University specialising in gender and queer memory. There will also be a collection after the screening for Tyneside Rape Crisis.

A sisterhood of Māori female directors bravely share their insights into the complexity of child abuse, in a sequence of eight short films that seamlessly become one. At the centre of their stories is Waru, a boy killed at the hands of a caregiver. His tangi, set on a small rural marae, is the centrepiece of the film, but there is an underlying disturbance of heavy themes touching on culture, custom and shame.

BBFC Advice: Contains strong language, sex, child abuse theme

Event Information

Running Time: 88 mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Ainsley Gardiner, Casey Kaa, Renae Maihi, Awanui Simich-Pene, Briar Grace Smith, Paula Whetu Jones, Chelsea Winstanley, Katie Wolfe

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Year of release:

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