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GemArts Masala Festival Presents: The Sweet Requiem

Dolkar is a 25 year old Tibetan living in exile in Delhi. An outwardly fun-loving young woman, she is secretly tormented by guilt over an incident from her childhood that still haunts her 18 years on. As a child she fled Tibet with her father, making a perilous journey on foot across the Himalaya, which ended in tragedy. One evening she unexpectedly encounters Gompo, the guide who abandoned them on that journey. As memories are reawakened, she embarks on a quest for the truth. Following Gompo obsessively through the narrow alleys of Majnu ka Tilla, the Tibetan refugee colony in Delhi, she comes to realise he is not who she imagined him to be. Gompo is then confronted by two Chinese agents, who present him with a stark choice as a consequence of his political activities. The two stories move in tandem, one forwards in the present, the other backwards in time, both determined by a series of fateful choices.

A gripping drama offering a perspective on the reality of escape from Tibet, undertaken by many and which still continues, with a glimpse into a less familiar story of migration and the refugee experience.

World Premiere: Toronto International Film Festival 2018

In partnership with Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival 2019 and Tyneside Cinema

Film Information

Running Time: 1hr 31mins

BBFC Advice: adv 15

Director(s): Tenzing Sonam, Ritu Sarin

Country of Origin: India

Year of release:

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