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Frontline #2 Land, Church + State

The second event in our monthly Frontline series will explore the challenges and complexities of protest under authoritarian rule depicted in Chris Kelly’s powerful documentary A Cambodian Spring.

A potent portrait of a burgeoning civil society, A Cambodian Spring follows three people caught up in the rapid, chaotic, occasionally violent moments of protest that have shaped Cambodia during the past decade. Shot over the course of six years, Kelly’s film begins as an exploration of a growing wave of protests against land grabs backed by both government and corporate interests. But the director’s scope soon widens as a number of other events, including the return of exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy, throw the country into further turmoil. 

Building towards the ‘Cambodian Spring’ of the title, what emerges is a refreshingly complex, multifaceted portrait of burgeoning political consciousness, and, in the case of Buddhist monk turned human rights campaigner Monk Venerable Sovath, an eyewitness to an increasingly fractious political landscape.      

This screening will be accompanied by a discussion with director Chris Kelly and the human rights campaigner Monk Venerable Sovath, exploring the issues raised by the film, and the reality of political dissent under authoritarian rule.

Event Information

Running Time: 2hrs 6mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Christopher Kelly.

Country of Origin: UK & Cambodia

Year of release:

Language(s): In Khmer with English subtitles

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