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Frontline #1: The Power of Direct Action + The Legacy of ACT UP

Tuesday 24 April, 18:00

Direct Action plays a colossal role in political change. From the role of strike action in recent British history to some of the great social justice movements of the twentieth century, and from the wave of anti-racism and gun violence protests currently sweeping America, to the emergence of social media as a tool for mobilisation, the role and power of protest and direct action is constantly changing, and constantly being felt. 

ACT UP, or the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power, are one of the most fascinating, radical and significant direct action groups of the past 30 years. Leading the fight for attention, equality, scientific research, and crucially action to halt the spread of the AIDS epidemic, the impact and legacy of the movement are still prevalent today, with various branches of ACT UP still in existence in the UK and globally. 

With Robin Campillo's award winning drama 120 BPM (about the French chapter of ACT UP) being released in cinemas, Frontline at Tyneside Cinema brings together a group of academic and activists to explore the history of ACT UP, its achievements, legacy and the future of AIDS activism. 

Tyneside Cinema is delighted to welcome former ACT UP activist Professor Stephen Shapiro (University of Warwick), Professor Chris Ashford (Northumbria University) and former ACT UP Paris President Christophe Martet (who led the organisation at the time portrayed in the film, joining via Skype) to discuss the legacy of the ACT UP movement and the power of direct action, in a discussion chaired by Drew Dalton (Sociologist at the University of Sunderland and HIV Activist). 

Presented in partnership with Newcastle University.

Event Information

Running Time: 2hrs 23mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Robin Campillo

Country of Origin: France

Year of release:

Language(s): In French with English subtitles

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