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Freedom Fields + Q&A

The screening on June 5th will be followed by a Q&A with director Naziha Arebi.

Women from all walks of life make up the newly formed football team: captain Fadwa is a petro-physicist, Nama is a student whose family are internally displaced and goalkeeper Halima is training to become a doctor. Against the backdrop of a country in strife – with vociferous conservative opposition threatening the women’s safety, as well as the national federation unwilling to take a clear position to support them – the team’s spirit is nothing short of inspirational.

Filmed in the years since Libya’s 2011 revolution, British Libyan Arebi’s beautiful, self-shot debut is a captivating tribute to a young generation trying to build the future they want, all the way down to hand-cutting the grass of their future training pitch to ensure that no matter what, they will play.

Film Information

Running Time: 97 mins

BBFC Advice: TBC

Director(s): Naziha Arebi

Country of Origin: Great Britain, Libya

Year of release:

Language(s): Arabic, English

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