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Thomas Vinterberg's tale of family reunion and shallow-buried secrets is a darkly comic affair, journing into forbidden family territory. 

Danish patriarch Helge Klingenfeldt is about to celebrate his sixtieth birthday with friends and relatives scurrying to the families vast country estate. Eventually, every family's secrets will come out. And since his twin sister's death two months ago, prodigal son Christian is more haunted than usual. The time has come for the darkest family skeleton to be revealed, and it must be done in their father's style - with flair, and malice.

Screening alongside the release of wicked farce The Party, our October Spotlight film.

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 45mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Thomas Vinterberg

Country of Origin: Denmark

Year of release:

Language(s): In Danish & English with English subtitles

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