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Extinçao (Extinction) plus Salomé Lamas Q&A

Friday 27 April, 18.00

As we continue to be reminded, the end of the Cold War did not see a thaw throughout the continent. Focusing on Transnistria, an unrecognised state that broke away from the former Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1990, Portuguese artist Salomé Lamas’ new film Extinction is led by Kolya, a self-declared Transnistrian national.

An eclectic patchwork of fiction and nonfiction, Extinction is a dark and brooding meditation on Vladimir Putin’s programme of ‘war without war, occupation without occupation’ with stunning, melancholic photography worthy of Ingmar Bergman or Bela Tarr.

This event will feature a live Q&A with director Salomé Lamas.

Tickets: £6/£4 concessions

About the Artist

In a fertile occupation of ‘no man’s land’, Lamas refers to her work as critical media practice parafictions. Rather than conventionally dwelling in the periphery between cinema and the visual arts, fiction and documentary, Lamas has been attempting to make these languages her own, treading new paths in form and content, challenging the conventional methods of film production, modes of exhibition and the lines between various filmic and artistic forms of aesthetic expression.

These works of modified ethnography show an interest in the intrinsic relationship between storytelling, memory, and history, while using the moving image to explore the traumatically repressed, seemingly unpresentable, or historically invisible, from the horrors of colonial violence to the landscapes of global capital.

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