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The Exterminating Angel

Luis Buñuel's jet black comedy is a devilishly constructed, satirical farce that centred around a group of people who find themselves trapped in a bourgeois dinner party.

Edmundo Nobile (Enrique Rambal) invites friends over for an opulent dinner party. While the guests enjoy their food, the servants disappear one by one. Afterward, the visitors retire to the salon for an evening of music and conversation -- but in the morning, they are mysteriously incapable of leaving the room. As days go by and they run out of food and water, panic and madness set in. The army and the police arrive, but fail in their attempts to enter the house as conditions inside deteriorate.

Screening alongside the release of wicked farce The Party, our October Spotlight film.

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 33mins

BBFC Advice: 12

Director(s): Luis Buñuel

Country of Origin: Mexico

Year of release:

Language(s): In Spanish with English subtitles

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