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Devil In A Blue Dress

A knowing, atmospheric and thrilling adaptation of Walter Mosley’s retro-noir gumshoe story by Carl Franklin (One False Move, Out of Time), starring a never-better Denzel Washington, this should rank as a modern classic.

Set in Los Angeles in 1948 against the background of black-white relations just after World War II, Devil In A Blue Dress follows Easy Rawlins as he leaves the army having distinguished himself. Looking for a job he accepts money from De Witt Albright to find a white woman called Daphne Monet who has been involved with Todd Carter, one of the local mayoral candidates. He finds himself drawn into the intrigues of the under-world, murder and corruption and learns the truth about Daphne.

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 42mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Carl Franklin

Country of Origin: USA

Year of release:

Language(s): English

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