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Dementia Friendly Cinema: Notorious

With this twisted love story, Alfred Hitchcock summoned darker shades of suspense and passion by casting two of Hollywood’s most beloved stars starkly against type. Ingrid Bergman plays Alicia, an alluring woman with a checkered past recruited by Devlin (Cary Grant), a suave, mysterious intelligence agent, to spy for the U.S. Only after she has fallen for Devlin does she learn that her mission is to seduce a Nazi industrialist (Claude Rains) hiding out in South America. 

Coupling inventive cinematography with brilliantly subtle turns from his mesmerizing leads, Hitchcock orchestrates an anguished romance shot through with deception and moral ambiguity. A thriller of rare perfection, Notorious represents a pinnacle of both its director’s legendary career and classic Hollywood cinema.

Dementia Friendly Cinema is our popular screening programme for people with dementia and their families and carers.

Thanks to generous support from Lowes Financial Management, each month we'll screen one of your favourite musicals or classic films and our trained staff will be on hand with a warm welcome.

Screenings are open to everyone and anyone. We screen the films with the lights up a little and sound down a touch in our beautiful Classic auditorium. Come along, sing along to the action onscreen, and above all, have fun!

Please note: the cinema has limited accessible seating. If you require wheelchair accessible or stair-free seating we recommend that you book in advance of the screening.

Find out more about our Dementia Friendly Cinema programme >

Film Information

Running Time: 1 hr 41 mins

BBFC Advice: U

Director(s): Alfred Hitchcock

Country of Origin: USA

Year of release:

Language(s): English

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