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Days Of Hope Part 1 and Part 2

Please note: this page is for Part 1 and 2 of Days Of Hope

Perhaps Ken Loach’s finest achievement, Days of Hope was originally screened on television, but works as a series of four features. Each film focuses on a different year in the lives of a working class brother and sister, beginning in 1916 with World War One and ending with the General Strike of 1926.

As you would expect from Loach, Days of Hope is imbued with a deep sense of empathy, outrage and social justice. The series was controversial when first screened in the 1970s because of its critical portrayal of the army, the government and police. The central family’s story encompasses key moments of early 20th century social and political history – including the 1921 miners’ dispute in County Durham - and Loach’s depiction of the struggle and disappointment of the left remain potent today. Nevertheless, like all of Loach’s best work, Days of Hope remains at its core a deeply engaging human drama.

A rare opportunity to see this landmark British drama in its entirety on the big screen.

Part 1 and 2 will screen on Saturday 18 August at 14:30.

Part 3 will screen on Tuesday 21 August at 18:00 and will be followed by a live Q&A with director Ken Loach  -  to find out more and book tickets, click here.

Part 4 will screen on Saturday 25 August at 15:00 -  to find out more and book tickets, click here.

Filming Locations:
Langley Park, County Durham

Event Information

Running Time: 1hr 29mins

BBFC Advice: 15

Director(s): Ken Loach

Country of Origin: UK

Year of release:

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