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David Haines: Two Way Mirror

This exhibition was presented at Tyneside Cinema from from 5- 25 July 2017.

Preview: Tuesday 4 July 2017 from 17:30
Exhibition: 5 - 25 July 2017

In his two channel video work Two Way Mirror (2016/2017), David Haines takes his viewer on a cyber journey through the bedrooms of online ‘chat boys’ in search of materiality. 

A voiceover advances through the work, narrating parts of lectures given by the philosopher and theologist Alan Watts in the 1960’s on the desire and yet impossibility of treating the ego as a physicality. 

Haines’ search for materiality is delineated further when the footage ruptures through optically dazzling abstract animations and hypnotic dance beats. This inescapable physical interface is weighted against the otherwise cold landscape of digital code, laying bare the ‘otherness’ of these appropriated dematerialized bodies.

Part of Agents Of Change, an exciting programme of art, film and discussion commemorating a pivotal moment in the history of British LGBTQ rights. The programme coincides with the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexual acts (Sexual Offences Act 1967), with Newcastle Pride 2017, and Tyneside Cinema's 80th anniversary celebrations. 

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